Oxford Real Estate Outlook Q2 2022

Real Estate in Oxford: Spring 2022 Outlook

The current residential real estate market in Oxford and Lafayette County continues to come with a unique set of challenges as we continue to grow and welcome more residents.

 If you are interested in buying or selling over the next few months, here is what you need to know:

  • It’s still a seller’s market. Low housing inventory coupled with high demand will maintain a strong seller’s market.
  • Buyers continue to outpace sellers. The number of buyers looking for a home will outnumber the number of houses on the market, leading to anticipation of increased home prices.
  • Sellers should be prepared. If you’re looking to take advantage of the current market, get ahead of any necessary preparations and renovations for your home. Because of a shortage in labor and supplies, repairs and upgrades are oftentimes estimated to take longer to complete. Working with a local, experienced realtor that knows your target market will help you determine any necessary improvements and the ideal listing price to make your home as attractive as possible.
  • Buyers need to exercise patience. Buying a home should make sense for your personal needs. Working with a local, experienced realtor to create a reliable plan and budget for your current employment situation and family status can maximize your chances of finding the right home.

Navigating this market can be difficult on both the buyer and seller side, and the experienced team at Kessinger Real Estate is here to help. We can make the process easier by tracking all relevant, available properties, overseeing any necessary contracts and all inspections, dealing with closing attorneys, and more.

Our real estate agents understand the area and bring with them an arsenal of tools to approach your unique situation, including skills in marketing, negotiating and trend tracking.


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