Porch View homes offer historic charm in new builds

Porch View homes offer historic charm in new builds

Construction begins on four new houses on North 15th Street


In the crowded Oxford real estate market, any home seems hard to come by, much less one within walking distance of the Square.


But homebuyers now have their chance with Porch View, a set of four new builds on North 15th Street. Construction of the homes, which were developed by Jay Hughes and began being sold by Jamey Leggitt of Kessinger Real Estate in June of 2022. The Porch View homes are now available for order.


“The location is impeccable, and these homes will endure and be admired by generations of Oxonians,” Leggitt said. “Downtown homes are precious few. We are excited to offer a select grouping to a few lucky home buyers at Porch View.”


Although the Porch View homes will be new construction, Hughes has restored several houses in downtown Oxford and developed a keen sense of the quality design and craftsmanship that characterize historic homes.


“The houses will be built with genuine quality and care,” Hughes said. “Attention to detail is not just a trend. It’s an obsession of mine.”


Each of the Porch View homes will include custom walnut flooring, wall safes, and unique lighting features, as well as landscaping, soundproofing features, and, of course, expansive front porches for relaxation and entertainment alike.


The kitchens, furnished with professional-grade appliances and specialty cabinetry, are the showpieces of the homes. A passionate cook himself, Hughes said he designed them as if owners will be preparing meals and hosting guests.


“It’s refreshing to have a builder look through the eyes of a homeowner, to truly ‘live’ in the house as a home while in the planning processes, to research the best in design and finishes available,” said Leggitt, who has worked with Hughes on several other projects.  


A 1991 graduate of the University of Mississippi School of Law, Hughes has lived in Oxford since moving here for school and downtown with his family for over a decade. For him, Porch View will be an extension of Oxford’s historic Square and offer residents a glimpse into the charm and character of front porch living.


“People who would appreciate these homes are those who love Oxford and being part of a community,” he said. “They want to live in a neighborhood where people sit and drink tea like you used to do at Grandma’s house, wave at neighbors, get together for events.”


Most of Hughes’ downtown Oxford restorations have been on North 14th Street, just a block over from the Porch View site. He has also renovated homes on Sisk, Washington and North Lamar Avenues.


Off the Square, Hughes has planned and developed several iconic condominiums, including Soleil, the Cottages at Grand Oaks, and L’Acadian, plus custom homes in neighborhoods throughout Oxford and Lafayette County.


In each of these projects, Hughes said, he has stayed true to the passion for quality design and craftsmanship he picked up from his grandfather, a carpenter and cabinetmaker, while growing up in southern Louisiana.


“We wanted to create something that hearkened back to the old, rather than something new for the sake of new,” Hughes said.


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